Twelve Low Cost Tips to Sell Your House Faster

Numerous studies have been made to determine how to sell your house faster without spending much money:

  1. Give the house a spacious look my eliminating clutter. All counters should be cleared of anything not essential.
  2. Hold a yard sale and get rid of anything not needed.
  3. Turn on all the lights when the house is being shown and open all window covers.
  4. Display new white towels in the bathrooms.
  5. Clean any glass showers doors and all grout.
  6. Have all windows professionally cleaned.
  7. Buy some mature indoor plants.
  8. Park a luxury vehicle in the driveway.
  9. Replace the front door mat unless it looks new.
  10. Paint or refinish your front door.
  11. Make certain your yard areas are in good order.
  12. Restrain any wood finish kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

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